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The Pacific Horticultural Society acknowledges the Portland Memory Garden as a reminder that gardens can be tailored to meet specific needs as we age. Click HERE.

The Garden in Literary Works 

Debra Landwehr Engle writes extensively about the Portland Memory Garden in her 2003 book entitled, Grace from the Garden, including the benefits of a therapy gardening to caregivers:  

"That's the miracle of memories. The littlest thing, like the faint whiff of a lilac, can take us back forty years in time and across hundreds of geographic miles, transcending time and space unaided by our will or intention. 

The Portland Memory Garden many not trigger memories like Wilfrid does for Miss Nancy. But it will give caregivers a chance to create new memories while they can."

Click here to read a short review written in "O, The Oprah Magazine".   

Fox 12 News airs a Portland Memory Garden Segment. Click HERE to view this informative tour of the Garden and it programs, including commentary by Friends of the Portland Garden immediate past president, Patty Cassidy.

Portland Memory Garden in the News

The Oregonian ran a front-page article on “Gardens that lend healers a hand.”  The Portland Memory Garden was prominently featured and founders Terezia  Hazen and Brian Bainnson were liberally quoted.  You can find the article HERE. The same edition carried a related article on “Taking gardening home from the hospital,” which featured tips from former Friends board member Julie Brown. Click HERE to read the article.

The Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture has published an artlcle by Patty Cassidy, “The Portland Memory Garden: A Therapeutic Resource on Public Land,“ with extensive photos of the Garden. Click HERE.

MemoryWell News for the Ages recently ran an article on horticultural therapy and memory gardens featuring the Portland Memory Garden. Click HERE.

Grace from the Garden

​To see our latest newsletters, click HERE.

East Portland News has a wonderful article on the Portland Memory Garden with photos and lots of praise for the volunteers who maintain the garden. Click HERE.

Home Depot Grant Awarded to Friends of PMG

We’re happy to report that The Friends of the Portland Memory Garden has received a Home Depot Community Impact Grant that will allow us to replenish our supply of gardening tools and other amenities. The grants are given to “tax-exempt public service agencies in the U.S. that are using the power of volunteers to improve the community.” Our thanks to Home Depot for this generous support and to our loyal volunteers for making it possible!